MaryLiz Bender
Music & Community Coordinator

MaryLiz Bender

MaryLiz Bender is a Futurist Composer & Space Age Storyteller. She co-founded Cosmic Perspective to connect people to space through story, film, and outreach. She founded Zero-G Music to design music for space travel and ensure we take our humanity with us to the stars. As a professional recording artist, she makes music with her bands Twin Limb, Kwieta, and she composes film scores as Star Travel.

Driven by bright visions of the future and inspired by the fact that we “protect what we love,” she aim to help humans fall in love with life and the pursuit of meaning. She’s on a tireless mission to inspire hope, elevate empathy, and unite through experiences of awe and wonder.
MaryLiz is passionate about connecting humans together to fulfill their dreams of creating something bigger than themselves. As the Yuri’s Night Community Coordinator, she aims to connect volunteers and event coordinators around the world so they can act stronger together. As a lifelong musician particularly passionate about space-inspired music, she will assist the Yuri’s Night Music Director, James Ellington, in selecting acts for the Yuri’s Night parties and playlists.

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